All guest are subjected to their own signing prices.

2020 Voice Actors

Yu Yu Hakusho, My Hero Academia, DBZ, 

Soul Eater, Borderlands II, ...among others


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Appearing: Sat, Sun


2020 Celebrity 

 Star Trek Continues (2013) , Full metal Fantasy


Fallout: Survivng the Wasteland , King of Los Santos ,

 Coffee with a Madman


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Appearing: Sat, Sun


2020 CreatorsAuthors / Comic Artist

Coming Soon

Details coming soon!!


Appearing: ???


2020 YouTube / Twitch / Streaming

Professional Host and online Streamer.

Gothic Sushi will be our Celebrity Guest Host 2020



Friday - Saturday- Sunday


SAvannah Animazingcon 2020

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